Tasteful Typography Project


Screenshot of the project in Word.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 9.23.33 PM

Process: I found this lovely photo on Google when I typed in Fall I believe. I just fell in love with this photo because it just reminded me of this season. I just put the title of what the picture is called and the description that I have put on the photo was what was on the website that I have found it in. What this is telling you is just a basic description to the photo. I audience would have to be to people that seem to like the photo and would like to know more about the photograph. I got the photo and put in Word, I then entered the text boxes I put the title of the photo on the photo. Then I entered a other text box and put the description of the photo on the photo as well. I found the description on the website from where I got it from, which I linked below. I then added the line between the two text boxes, and added color into that. I first had everything centered in the middle but it didn’t look as well, I also played with many colors like reds, oranges and yellows but it didn’t look flattering. I soon decided to put it in the corner and it just looked better. I liked it I then put it on the Facebook group page then I read the comments and changed it more things to it before I came up with the final photo, then changed it into a jpg with the website you have given us.

Critique Report: I think the only suggestion I have is to center your title to the body copy. Just scoot it over to the left a smidge. Looks great though!


New York SOHO

 Ogden Utah… Been living here for about six months or so and I feel that it has gotten warm enough to wear T-shirts and little heels, not very Spring. I really don’t wear allot of Graphic Tees, but this one was so cute I couldn’t resist but get it. It was just white and Simple. I wanted to stay into a black and white mood. Skinny simple black jeans and cute simple black heels with a black purse with a gold chain.

Wearing also little sunglasses and “Strawberry” Melted Lipstick from Two Faced

T-Shirt & Sunglasses: Pacsun | Heels: Ralph Lauren

Lipstick: Melted (Strawberry) by Two FaceIMG_1567 IMG_1572 IMG_1585 IMG_1582 IMG_1610IMG_1612IMG_1577

Home | California Winter

While being back home in Los Angeles last winter I had allot of fun taking pictures and hanging out with friends and family. I wish I could of posted this sooner but I have been very busy lately. So I combined this California Winter outfit with old things! The sweater is my favorite and if you notice it’s a bit baggy just because I like it when some of my sweaters feel extra comfy. I put a bit of sparkle to this because the I felt because it was a night out a little can’t hurt. Just simple skinny tan pants and my favorite heals.



Sweater: LOFT | Collared shirt: Wet Seal | Pants: H&M

California Vibes

While having the California breeze through my hair, this winter. I just wanted to show this outfit because I love it! It’s comfy and cool also it was a hot day so I can just take the sweater off. The dress is from WILDFOX, it’s a pretty cute brand and the dress has “LOVED” on it and it’s short sleeved. Because it was chilly I did put the black knitted sweater on top and wanted to your a black one because of the sock and shoe color. The purse is also the same shade of pink of the dress so I threw that in.

We where just strolling around Fairfax and then to the Grove. I had allot of fun shooting these photos.

“There’s something about the sunshine, baby I’m seeing you in a whole new light L.A.’s a breeze with the palm trees swayin’ “

-written by Aristeidis Archontis; Chen Neeman; Jeannie Renee Lurie

Something About The Sunshine”











Dress: WILDFOX | Sweater: H&M | Purse: Kate Spade |

Winter in Los Angeles, California

This Winter Christmas Eve. I came to Los Angeles, California “home sweet, home” right.

I love what I am wearing in this outfit, it’s kinda has the modern hippie vibe, with the big wool hat and the leather pants. The location we (My brother and I) took pictures and hanged out and did some little shopping was at Fairfax and Melrose Ave. It’s like a warm winter outfit for California and it keeps you pretty warm. I love heels like they are my number one thing that I need in every single outfit cause short girl problems.


IMG_0594 2

IMG_0593 2

IMG_0590 2

Pants & Comfy Cardigan: H&M | Hat & White Crochet top: PACSUN

Location: Fairfax and Melrose Ave.

Photos by: @anthonyalv (Anthony Alvarenga, my brother)












Hey everyone this is my Fall Outfit look that I have! So I love this outfit because it is so warm and comfy! I never owned a sweater with the leather elbow pads! I paired this out with a collar shirt underneath, a sweater on top and a necklace, I feel that those things are perfect things for a nice outfit. I used the color brown because I felt that was needed to make a comfy fall feel. It was super fun to shoot these pictures because I just love this place it is amazing!

I can’t wait to make more blog posts and I love everyone that have supported me! Thank You so much seriously like a million Thanks.

Guys don’t forget your cozy sweaters, warm drinks, scarves & mittens!

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Location: The Eccles Art Center Ogden Utah | I found this place when I was driving one day and I just fell in love with the place because the colors and the feel of Autumn was totally there!

Pictures taken by: Jon Bradshaw! (aka my fiancé) @yobbroni

Necklace, Earrings, Sweater : BOHME | Jeans: Zumiez | Shoes: Jeffery Campbell | Collared Shirt: Forever 21

Birthday Haul






Hey everyone! So It was my Birthday November 6th and I love that I have this blog cause I actually feel that I have a hobby, haha.

Th products that I got from LUSH is the mmm melting Marsh mellow moment, its like marshmallowy and keeps you skin soft. The Christmas Penguin is a bubble crumb that you crumble in your bath under running water and it has a orange sent. The last this is the Lord of Misrule bath bomb it is basically green and when you put it in it turns the water green and pink, its smells super good and when you bath in it the whole day you will smell amazing!

I also got things from H&M and will do a blog about those items and then I got this amazing camera also the Canon EOS T3i and I love it so much!

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Drugstore Haul

Hello everyone and I want to say Thank You for everyone that had seen my blog and liked my Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/voguenatalieblog .

I have also posted a youtube video on my Youtube Page also please subscribe my youtube it will be very helpful. So as my video I used my Laptop Camera so it is not the best quality.

So something that I really want to point out is that I focused on Hair, skin and nails in this video. Those are the products that I got and was focused on. So I want to inform you that we need to take care of our Skin, hair and nails. I damage my hair allot, and its actually every day with my straightener also damage my nails with nail polish and acrylic nails. I decided to find BIOTIN because I have heard so many good things about this dietary supplement. The brand I got was finest nutrition with keratin, you are only supposed to take one a day so, it will last about 2 months.

The first thing that I needed was Sebastian Shaper Hairspray, Hold and control . This hairspray is amazing because it is worth the money and it is weightless, brush-able and light and medium hold so it not like hard. I love it because you can use before or after blow drying or with the use of a hot styling tool. Re-spray after styling for increased hold.

One of my favorites that I love is Not Your Mothers, Beach Babe Texturing Sea Salt Spray -infused with dead sea salt and sea kelp- I got this because I love this brand because it does not smell like sea weed like other brands.

The last hairspray thing that I got was anti-breakage Keratin Oil and I got this because I use my curler and straightener way to much and my hair has been so damaged and it is basically instant repair and weightless healing oil and I loved this.

Then I got the tips and toes kit from Burt’s Bee’s and also lip shimmer color of Guava, The tips and toes kit is amazing it has everything and I love is how it’s travel sized since I do travel allot. It has hand salve, almond and milk hand creme,lemon butter cuticle cream, coconut foot cream, honey and grape seed hand cream and replenishing lip balm with pomegranate. I love that I don’t need to buy anything separately.

Then I just got small things like Essie nail polish, chocolate and mints.

Beverly Hills Stroll | Winter 2013






Fur, Jeans, Collar.

That Winter on December 2013 I wore a really warm vest, and cute black jeans. I wore this outfit even if I have a limited amount of clothes at the time. I got inspired to wear the Fur vest just because I felt to wear something that reminded me of winter. I am also just in LOVE with this coral colored collared shirt and I still am! I wore a small necklace that had a tear drop diamonds, that my mother had given to me. I love the feel of this outfit because it’s just comfy shopping clothes and boots where just great because I’m such a heels person. As rings wise I’m just wearing simple rings with small cute designs on them. (not engaged at the time).

| Fur Vest: EXPRESS | Collar Shirt: Forever 21| Jeans: Juicy Couture |

Photos taken by Janet Rubi

Halloween Movie Night Fun!

AAAHHHH! It’s Halloween and today I’m having a get together and a Movie Night!



For Snacks we got candy just yummy and popcorn caramel balls, to keep people up tonight! Also for just a simple drinks is sprite with raspberry flavoring.

We watched the sixth sense & I’m not the type of person that likes watching 90’s movies but this one I actually enjoyed.

Pretty fun night with allot blankets, cuddling and fun. It was such a chill halloween and I really loved it.